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:iconschoolgirlz: :iconschoolgirlz: :iconschoolgirlz:

Welcome to the the fan club for all things schoolgirl and "girls" in uniform related. From popular anime artwork and comic heroines, to photos and cosplayers everywhere; this fan group is dedicated to those lovely women in plaid skirts and uniforms that fill fantasies and have stolen many a heart.

Submission Rules:
#Post within the rules of Deviant Art.
#Post Quality finished works.
#Nudity of all types is encouraged but not necessary.
#Subjects ideally should be wearing some form of "uniform" (school girl, cheerleader, nurse, stewardess, maid, soldier, nun, librarian, secretary, teacher, known anime/manga/comic/movie/cartoon character outfit, ...). If subject is nude then a uniform easily associated with the subject must be in the image. Additionally, if attire in the image is generic as could be the the case with librarian, secretary, teacher for instance, then there must be some concrete info in the image description to id the character as being group appropriate.
#Subjects must be females in the classical sense (no wip transgenders, drag queens, futanari, no males in female garb, etc. please).
#Sketches & WIPS meeting above criteria and of high quality will be accepted into Misc folder at the discretion of group officials.
#Blatant advertising material will be rejected out of hand or moved to Misc at the discretion of group officials.
#Copyrights will be respected. Don't submit work you don't own the rights to as if accepted initially it will ultimately be removed.


:bulletgreen: Girls" in Uniform Definition Reminder - school girls, teachers, maids, nurses, secretaries, heroines, anime/manga characters...)

:bulletgreen: PHOTOS - Real Life Non Fan Art Photos Only - "Girls" in Uniform (e.g. school girls, teachers, maids, nurses, secretaries,...)
:bulletgreen: PHOTOS - Fan Art Cosplay - Fan art cosplays only please (heroines, villainesses, anime/manga characters, ...)
:bulletgreen: DRAWN GIRLZ - Illustrations - "Girls" in Uniform drawn or painted using traditional or digital mediums
:bulletgreen: 3D CGI - 3D Renders - "Girls" in Uniform created using 3D programs (DS, Poser...)
:bulletgreen: BDSM THEME - All Media - "Girls" in Uniform restrained, spanked or in any other BDSM themed setting
:bulletgreen: PERIL AND HORROR THEME - All Media - "Girls" in Uniform in a peril or horror themed image (e.g. tentacle monsters, vampires, ...)
:bulletgreen: WITH WEAPONS - All Media - "Girls" in Uniform holding or wielding any sort of weapon
:bulletgreen: STORIES - Text and Visual - (Written and visual stories (sequence of images, multi or single page comic style pieces, ...) about "Girls" in Uniform
:bulletgreen: PHOTO-MANIP - "Photo" Manipulations - "Girls" in Uniform photo manips ("Photo" is very broadly defined for this folder)
:bulletgreen: ANIMATION AND VIDEO CLIPS - All Media - "Girls" in Uniform (Animated illustrations, 3D renders, rl photo sequences, rl video clips, ...)
:bulletgreen: SCULPTURE -(Pieces where a "sculpture" is the main focus - includes 3D printed pieces, traditional sculptures, dolls, ...)
:bulletgreen: Misc (Usually pieces not readily fitting into any of the above; includes Marketing & Promo, Tutorials, or if submitter is unsure)


CONTEST 16 - Schoolgirls Taking Selfies

WINNER - wil3d with 7 votes

Mature Content

Cutting Class by WiL3D
by :iconwil3d:
Wins 500 points

RUNNER UP - azap with 4 votes

Mature Content

Schoolgirls Taking Selfies - Contest entry by Aszap
by :iconaszap:
Wins 250 + 100 for optional element = 350 points

Congrats to you both. Prizes have been awarded.
Remember folks the group is centered around the female form in some sort of uniform. I've accepted some drawn depictions of known Anime/Manga/Cartoon/Comic/Video Game characters without a uniform but I will no longer do so.

The character depicted must be either -

1) known via some widely disseminated  visual medium (movies,anime,comics,cartoons, etc. i.e fan art) and have at least enough of a uniform associated with it in the image to id it
2) if not a well known character as described above (non fan art, oc,...) then the character must have some sort of uniform as described on the home page (schoolgirl, etc.) in the image (either worn or obviously associated with it).

I'm reminding the community because I really dislike declining well made submissions. There are other groups out there that are less focused than this one and that would happily accept all submissions of any kind.

Clarification - If you are submitting a series of images depicting a story the following applies:

If doujinsi (derived from an existing well known character- fan art),  at least one image in the story line needs to adhere to rule 1) above (e.g. Superman aka Clark Kent).
If oc based, once a character's "uniform" has been established further images need not have that character in said "uniform".

I think that covers all the bases. If you have any questions just reply.

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